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Tool Bar Spacer for 2-1/4″ Diamond Bars

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Pictured first.

This is a discontinued item so quantities are limited. Please call for availability. Sizes not available in this style are available in other tie rod spacers on this page.

SKU Bars Centers Weight
S-313 3 Bar 13-5/16″ 43 lbs
S-224 2 Bar 23-3/8″ 38 lbs
S-222 2 Bar 22-3/16″ 37 lbs
S-213 2 Bar 13-5/16″ 27 lbs
S-206 2 Bar 6″ 19 lbs


Pictured second (green).

SKU Centers Weight
S-2-1/4×2-1/4-8 8″ 20 lbs
S-2-1/4×2-1/4-12 12″ 27 lbs
S-2-1/4×2-1/4-20 20″ 20 lbs

Many other sizes are available. Please call for sizes not listed.

We have many more spacers not listed here.

Please call Roll-A-Cone or see your dealer for any special tool bar spacers.

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