Manufacturer of Quality Farm Equipment

How it All Got Started

Nestled amongst the wheat fields and wide open Panhandle sky, Roll-A-Cone began its operations more than 60 years ago in a small barn behind the home of Wylie & Billie Byrd.

Bad spring storms in 1957 had caused the milo crops to fall and they were deemed unharvestable. Mr. Byrd set to work inventing a combine attachment that would roll under the fallen crops and lift them up so that they could be harvested. This attachment became known as the Roll-A-Cone and likewise the name for the newly founded company.

Roll-A-Cones were only a seasonal product so the Byrds began doing custom metal work for the local farmers. Eventually Roll-A-Cone broadened their product line by manufacturing all types of farm equipment ranging from shank holders to 72-foot plows.

Today the Roll-A-Cone Manufacturing shop covers seven acres, employs about 50 people, and sells products all over the United States and several foreign countries. The manufacturing shop is located near Interstate 27 in Tulia, Texas, just 50 miles south of Amarillo and about 80 miles north of Lubbock.

After all these years, Roll-A-Cone still retains the small family business atmosphere and personalized customer service. Most special orders are welcome.