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Heavy Duty Offset Gauge Wheel with Replaceable Spindle

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Add XL OS to Number When Ordering this Gauge Wheel

Same qualities as G-446XL except:

  • 4x4x1/4″ Tubing Offset to one Side
  • No Rights or Lefts
  • Replaceable Spindle
  • Vertical Adjustment
  • 6-Hole Gauge Wheel Available with 783 Hub Rated at 4600 lbs. or 888 Hub Rated at 3600 lbs.

Pictured: G-446XLOS

How to Order Gauge Wheels

Example: G-4 7 6 D XL

  1. 1st number is vertical bar size
  2. 2nd number is horizontal bar size
  3. 3rd number is the hub size (4, 5, or 6 hole)
  4. Add D for dual
  5. Add XL for Extra Heavy Gauge Wheel
  6. Add OS for Offset

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