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Folding Plow Frame – 4×4 Double Bars

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Product Description

Standard Spacing: 16″ Between Bars
Wide Spacing: 20″ Between Bars

Center Section – Head Bar Full Width

Each plow consists of one Center Section

Sku Description Length Weight
44214 with Hinges 14’4″ 900 lbs
44218 with Hinges 18’4″ 1046 lbs
44221 with Hinges 21’4″ 1155 lbs
44228 with Hinges 28’4″ 1473 lbs

Pair of Wings

Each plow consists of two Wings

Sku Description Length Weight
44242 Each Wing 42″ 275 lbs
44260 Each Wing 60″ 370 lbs
44284 Each Wing 84″ 446 lbs
44296 Each Wing 96″ 540 lbs

Note: Center sections and Wings can be used in any Combination.

Please call us for quotes on any size frames single or double fold up to 80'.

Frame shown above and Frames listed below are only a small fraction of the frames which are available. 

Please call us for quotes on any frame not listed.

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