Harvesting Attachments


Corn Lifters


* Very Effective in Downed Corn

* Works in Virtually All Conditions

* Does not Interfere with Standing Crops

* Field Tested and simple to operate

* Beater attachment available

* Attaches to Most Headers

* Light Weight, but Strong



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Video of a Corn Lifter Attachment working in a field

Corn Lifter Assembly Instructions
are available for download here

Complete Corn Lifter Assembly Instructions: Corn_Lifter_Instructions.pdf  (1.8 MB)

These instructions are in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to open the file.


Corn Lifter End Cones

* Lifts and Separates Tangled outside Rows

* Hydraulically Driven with Motor on each End

* Attaches to Most Headers

Video of Corn Lifter End Cones working in a field



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Corn Lifter End Cones Installation Instructions: